You can’t buy love and happiness on a shelf but, there is an oil for it.

Just another busy Alaskan summer day with nearly twenty four hours of light shining in through the windows. Summer break is never a dull moment in the house as the front doors are in constant spin running on auto pilot to let the kids in and out.IMG_8433

Phone rings its my oldest daughter, “Nurse Kandace” from Texas. Without hesitation she directs straight to the point and demands my social security and credit card. It was like a bank “hold up” over the wire. What pray tell do you need with my credentials today my love? She sternly exclaims,  “its for my your own good.” Its essential oils mom and I am signing you up under me. Hmmm…. signed up under you? Sounds like old times when you and your sister were little and made a  blanket fort in the living room and I was being  held hostage until I conformed to your wishes. What am I purchasing again? Essential oils mom. “You will love them” she protests! Little did she know I loved essential oils just was not prepared to be a part of another MLM. (Multi-Level-Marketing!)IMG_1204Currently, I was rebounding from being a hero to my family,  to soon to become homeless after a twenty year relationship gone south. Upon my rebound I stumbled a crossed a revolution (and my first MLM) of saving the world from wrinkles. Not only was I  invested with deep roots I had my subconscious convinced that I too, would be saved from wrinkles, age and the appearance of growing old.  This opportunity was a business model to afford me happiness and love that was auto shipped to my home monthly for a pretty penny. (added bonus I  would be wrinkle free).  All I had to do was get all my wrinkled friends and family on board and follow the power of three. (My vision of the power of three based of the past episodes of the three stooges.)  This opportunity was not for me and  was nothing more than a learned lesson.  Also, I seriously doubt I would be  saving the world from wrinkles. Aging gracefully is the new era nonetheless for 2015. I love my gray hair and I love that I am whole.IMG_9328The reflection I saw in the mirror was not the relationship I wanted to mirror to my friends and family. Certainly not the opportunity I wanted to share and leave behind as a legacy for my family of saving face or rather ridding the world of  wrinkles. I think they have a reality show “Nip Tuck” that will be a top contender for that nomination. Now, who would I be to step in the pathway of such greatness?IMG_8003The box arrived that my daughter declared I couldn’t live without. Instructions inside were a complete makeover of my medicine cabinet. Just what I always wanted… a opportunity to clean out my medicine cabinet and align little amber bottles and apply sticky notes that state use this for that and that for this… What fun adventures to look forward to this summer. (NOT!) Needless to say,  the box found residency among a shelf with other misfit “BUY NOW” purchases to collect dust.1509644_846089755417519_3599867416655095313_n3280Who has time right? Not this mother of seven children, entrepreneur, small business owner, full -time employment and manager of chaos. Besides, still trying to sell off the wrinkle surplus on ebay.IMG_7169Fall rolls around and winter blows near. Its 6am and the house is beginning to rumble with the scurrying of little feet as the chitlins begin to prepare for a new day. Breakfast scents warm the house with bacon crackling in the oven. The vita-mixer is humming with the green smoothie goodness. The aroma of black coffee is finally allowing clarity to be seen beneath the heavy eye lids. The kids gather around the kitchen table awaiting to be served like royalty. I’m praying the maid, cook and butler fall from the sky as this momma is tired this morning. Noticing that my thirteen year old is slumped over and is too experiencing a lethargic moment of this early rise. Inquisitively asking how each family members sleep was and awaiting the report back its dully noted that one is not reporting normal. My little man is under the weather and its a far cry from trying to play hooky from school. Moreover, agony strikes his face and on a scale of one to ten and he is rating a a strong 8. No fever, no nausea just not himself this morning. Fortunately, I worked from home so he could stay home and I would look in on him while he slept off what ever bug has found way into his mainstream. As the day progressed into the afternoon so did the little mans sickness.  Moans, complaints begin pouring out of him. Fever rears its ugly head, nausea makes its way to upchuck phase. I am finding relief in knowing its at last a flu bug. Lets pray its a 24 hour bug and all will be back to normal tomorrow. Consoling Kamren throughout the day was beginning to become a more constant battle to find him comfort. As any mother when the little book of “know how’s” is running out of knowledge you begin the silent panic attack of “what if’s” and begin the worry pace. Thankful to my husbands return from his long day in the emergency room as registered nurse. He immediately does his through assessment of Kam’s chief complaints and Nurse Ivey concurs its the flu. Recommendation is rest, and lots of fluids. Now off to bed we all go.Kam.jpg2 a.m. and I am  startled by a odd noise coming from my beside floor. My son is crawling on the floor to fetch me and with a raspy voice states, “please take me to the hospital or I am gonna die here!” Checked in the emergency room and within two hours Kamren was admitted with not the flu but, pancreatitis.  ( pancreatitis is a condition in which,  generally speaking alcoholics obtain and or a serious virus that affects the pancreas. The pancreas becomes inflamed and is extremely painful. ) His lab work showed a white blood count of 18,000 and a lipase level of 1800. Normal for his age was 78. On this Halloween day he will be dressed up as a patient in the hospital. It was obvious this was not the original plan for Halloween.IMG_1036Many visitors, friends and family came to pay their get well wishes dressed in their Halloween costumes. We even had some affiliates (wellness advocates) of the essential oil community come to the hospital to offer their help. Impressive to see such a active group of people who truly have a heart and share their love for others in times of need.IMG_1028Upon release from the hospital the doctor made mention that Kamren’s condition was an idiopathic moment (idiopathic = no known cause.) Information that left us all with a deep seeded ugh feeling.

We arrived home. The siblings are all elated that big brother is on the mend. Our fury friends, two male black German shepherds are rambunctiously awaiting to get near us all to express the excitement for our homecoming. We make way to get Kamren off to his room and settled. Upon return I pass by the dogs room heading towards the garage to gather Kamren’s belongings.  One of the male German shepherds is impatiently waiting behind a wrought iron gate in the mudroom/dog room. As he lunges towards jumping over the gate I yell to have him stay down. I enter back into the room and again he repeats to jump the gate as I warn him off again. Boss the smaller of the two German shepherds attempts to leap the gate and  stops mid air and lands atop the wrought iron gate and stakes himself through his groin. I scream for help and blood is dispersing from boss’s groin. Jason comes quickly to un-stake boss. I run to grab my box on the shelf covered in dust. All of  a sudden a epitome about helichrysm essential oil flashed in my mind.  Helichrysm is a good source to aid in and stop bleeding. I gathered towels, duct tape, and essential oils to help my husband prepare boss for the trip to the vet emergency.  Shortly, after arrival boss was in surgery to repair his groin. Helichrysm essential oil saved boss’s life.IMG_1074

IMG_1082IMG_1081IMG_8436A long week in managing chaos, health challenges and being tested to the limits in The Ivey household. The doorbell rings and a lady we barely know has come to help do an aroma-touch technique for my son. Twice a week she continued to stop by (The Aroma Touch Technique incorporates simple hand techniques with the power of essential oils to create a powerful whole body wellness experience. It seeks to address four systemic constants that are present in daily life and which may serve as limiting factors in health: stress, immunity, the inflammatory response, and autonomic imbalance.) see video here. 

It didn’t take long for the little box of oils on the shelf to make its way into our families daily routine. After all, we just witnessed these little bottles of wonder work for two of our loved ones in our own family. In fact, we upgraded to a larger box. After finding this rare card catalog long before purchasing that box that summer day.We were just going to use it as a decorative piece for our home and use for storage. A rare find at a thrift store. Putting the oils away and stepping back to take a picture there was miraculously a hidden sign within the picture. Can you see it? It was as if, it was meant to be just like my daughter said, “the oils were for my “O”own GOOD”. Little Gifts of the earth.IMG_1265Thanks to those little amber bottles of essential oils, and being placed under my daughter I now see her and my  grand-children in Texas more often. Many miles are between us.  Perhaps  the definition of  MLM really stands for Mentoring Leaders Mindsets verses Mult-Level Marketing… a network of like minds. Touche’IMG_2266Love and happiness can not be bought on a shelf.  But, there is an OIL for love and happiness and I have experienced this love.  Love and happiness is something that you can share, show and connect with others.  Its an awesome opportunity to be surrounded by a community of wellness advocates all wanting to make our world a better place. I am grateful to belong to such a wonderful company as doTERRA. IMG_4405


 *Note: One year later – Kamren was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Today we continue our oil regimens and our pursuit of happiness lye’s within sharing love with others on their wellness journey.


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