About the Ivey’s


Jason and Kim live in beautiful Anchorage Alaska.  Parents to 7 beautiful children, (5 girls and 2 boys), 3 grand children, and four ornery black German Shepherds.  Our motto is “Niente Prima Della Famiglia”  Nothing Before Family.






Kimberly, is a Wellness Advocate Mentor- Coach & Entrepreneur Extraordinaire. Networking for over 20 years. Inspiring people to have a relationship with their reflection, and teaching them how to mirror that image in all areas of their lives.

I love to educate people on how to disconnect in order to become connected, and plugged into focusing more on the mindsets and skills to making a life, verses making a living.




Jason, is veteran ER Nurse, and former US Army Officer, who spent the past 21 years working around the country on travel assignments, before settling down in Alaska.

My passion with Essential Oils lies in researching, and educating families on how to take control of their healthcare, integrating Alternative Therapies with Western Medicine.